WDA TN Health Camp at Thirupanangadu on 24/11/2019

WDA  conducted a Health  camp at  Thirupanangadu village  near  Kancheepuram  on  Sunday 24/11/2019  .One  hundred  and  seventeen  people attended  the  camp. General  examination ,Breast and  ENT examination and  blood  sugar  was  done.  Following  conditions were  diagnosed –

Diabetes -11,Hypertension- 13,Anaemia -4, Acid  peptic  disease -1, Hard  of  Hearing -2, CSOM-1, Sinusitis-1 , LRI -3, Cataract-2, Refractory  error -1, Low back ache -3, Cervical spondylosis -1,Arthritis knee 1, PUO-2,DUB-1, Leucorrhoea-1,Fungal  infection-1,Caries  tooth -1, Insect bite -1.

Medicines  were  given and they  were  advised  regarding further  management of  their  problem

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