WDA TN Health camp on 9th and 10th December 2017

WDA  in  association  with  Ramakrishna Mutt  Mylapore   conducted  a  health  camp  at  RK Mutt Mylapore  on  Saturday  9th  December  2017 and  at  Meyyur  village  on  Sunday  10th   December  2017.

Gynaec  cancer  screening  was  done  at  RK Mutt Mylapore  , Breast  and  ENT  Cancer  screening  at  Meyyur  village near  Thiruvallore . Dr.Shanthi  Gunasingh  ,  Dr.Azhagammai , Dr.Gunamanam,  Dr.AKila,  Dr.Sivakami ,Dr.Nirmala ,Dr.Sunanda   and  Dr. M.L.Shyamala  came  for  the  camp.

Twenty  three  cases  were  registered   for  Gynaec  examination. Sixteen  cases  had  Pap  smear  taken. Following  conditions  were  diagnosed-Cervical  erosion-3,  Fibroid  uterus -1,Leukoplakia vulva -1,Prolapse  uterus-1 and  Rectocele -1 case  .  They  were  advised  regarding  further  management  of  their  problems.

Health  camp  at  Meyyur  -152  registered. General  check  up  ,Breast  and ENT  examination  were  done . We did  Breast  and  Ent  examination and  helped  in  general  check  up.Following  conditions  were  diagnosed  and  advised  regarding  further  management-Tonsillitis,Eustachian  catarrah,Sensory  neural  loss,Otitis  Externa,ASOM,Acute  Laryngitis,URI,Tinitus,Hard of  hearing, Wax  both  ears,  Speech  delay,Hypothyroidism   and  Axillary  Lymphadenopathy.


Health  camp  at  Meyyur

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