Surgery CME Report July 15th 2018

Surgery  CME  Report

Surgery  CME  was  conducted   on Sunday  15th July  2018  at  MMC , Pathology  block .

There  were  212 registrations . Following  are  the  topics and  speakers

Thyroid Dr.Usha Durairajan, Prof Surgery,MMC
Carcinoma Stomach Dr. S.P.Gayathri, Prof   Surgery  ,SMC
Breast Dr.P.P.Dhakshayani   Prof   Geriatric  Surgery  MMC
RIF Mass Dr.S.Maniselvi   Prof SurgeryMMC
Salivary Gland Dr. R.Vasuki,    Prof  Surgery,KMC
Inguinoscrotal Swelling Dr.M.Alli   Prof Surgery  MMC
Varicose Vein Dr.B.Shanthi  Prof  Surgery  KMC
Obstructive Jaundice Dr. Ramya Baskaran,Prof  of  surgery   SRMC
Oral Cancers Dr. A.Rekha, Prof Surgery, Saveetha  Medical  college
X-rays Dr.M..Sivakami – SDMO Railway hospital
Cervical Lymph Nodes Dr. A.K.Kalpana Devi, Asst Prof, KMC


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